Unfold the

Origami, the universal art of paper folding, implies unplugged, pure and authentic play. Folding an origami is exactly the process of exercising imagination and unfolding many possibilities. 

Origami kids cafe is an innovative space incorporating educational play, exquisite delicacies, creative workshops and beyond. It was born with a purpose of creating quality family bonding time through bringing play back to its basics.  

Designed for little humans aged from 0-7 years old, Origami is crafted by world-renowned and award winning designer Alan Chan. Presenting house structures and motifs in a little town, it boasts a safe, stimulating and boundless environment for children and adults to explore. The space’s design allows parents to interact with their children as they read, create, build and climb. Simply relax and sip your drink in the cafe area while you keep a watchful eye over your kids who are merrily occupied in one of our inspiring experiences. We bring the idea of family lifestyle space to life by incorporating photo shooting studio and retail shopping area as well.

Connect with the nature in the outdoor playground -  rooftop park of Kai Tak Cruise Terminal which occupies an area of 23,000 square metres.

Active play zone where little ones can slide, climb and hide. We have very first indoor sandpit made of small wooden blocks in Hong Kong.

Cozy dining and cafe area for parents to lay back and relax, where creative Chinese fusion cuisine is served.

Workshop room for creative fingers and minds. It will transform into your private party and event zone for special celebrations.